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About Star2com

Luca Monticelli - CEO & Founder

  • More than 20 years of experience in journalism and PR in the ICT and gaming market:
  • More than 19 years as Account manager and Account director in International PR Agencies.
  • 8 years as technical and gaming journalist, and editor in chief of “K” magazine, a leading PC Gaming magazine in Italy edited by RCS (Rizzoli Group) and Italia Publishers Magazine (Foreground Editrice).
  • Professor at Vigamus Academy (Link University in Rome), and blogger (Luca Monticelli BLOG)

Luca Trimboli - Account Executive

Luca joined in June 2020 in the role of Jr. Account Executive, Luca works to create and localize press releases, creating fortnightly and monthlyreports and manages social networks and team projects. Luca graduated from the Link Campus University in Rome, bringing the Creation andmanagement of intellectual properties in the video game industry as an argument forhis thesis. He studied various subjects such as Journalism, Game Design, Marketingand Digital Communication over the course of the three-year period, before moving onto his Masters Degree. Luca also attended a course in Organization and Marketing for BusinessCommunication at the La Sapienza University of Rome, with the aim of increasing the knowledge he already possessed and acquiring new insights.

Michela Valeri - Sr. Account Executive

Present in Star2Com since April 2019 with the role of Jr. Account Executive. She works on creating, localizing and issuing press releases, making weekly and monthly reports, support at the events and the she provides her daily support to the agency, reporting to administrators and keeping constant relationships with the Italian press. She is a videogame player and got her bachelor in Digital Communication focused on Online Disinhibition Effect, studying many subjects as Game culture, Game Design, Marketing and Digital Communication.
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